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Honda has announced its intentions to present an all new series of EVs at its exhibit at CES 2024. Held between January 9-12, 2024 in Las Vegas, the Japanese brand will announce a new range of electric vehicles and mobility solutions for the international markets.

A teaser image of Honda's EV announcement at CES 2024.

Inspired by the brand’s slogan, “The Power of Dreams”, Honda have vowed to “become the driving force that moves society forward” with their soon to be announced range of mobility products and services. With an aim to achieve carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050, the company is rapidly pursuing electrification. Having set a target of 100% of sales coming from EVs and FCEVs (fuel-cell electric vehicles) by 2040, Honda are not messing around!

If you’re visiting CES, you can find Honda at booth #10015 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Otherwise, you can livestream the presentation here.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Honda Newsroom Global.

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