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The Kiwi electric mobility start-up, FTN Motion, announced the completion of their second oversubscribed capital raise in less than a year as it gears up to release their first 100 Streetdog bikes to Kiwi buyers later in Q1 2022.

Electric micromobility has raised its profile both here and overseas in recent years with a number of kick scooters dominating the space, but Kiwis have been fairly slow to embrace the electric moped and small motorcycle market. This step up from kick scooters is taking off in Europe with the likes of SEAT MÓ 125 spearheading the charge, but no news yet on whether it’ll land in New Zealand.

SEAT MÓ eScooters in Barcelona
SEAT MÓ eScooters may fill the streets of Barcelona, but the the Kiwis are now turning up to the party, too.

Nevermind those overseas rides anyway, because it turns out that our very own Wellington is turning into the centre of chic e-mobility design and manufacturing hub of our own!

Electric Motorcycles Made in New Zealand?

What? Haven’t you heard? Where have you been?!

FTN Motion Streetdog electric motorcycle on display at Wellington Airport.

If you’ve passed through Wellington Airport over the past couple of months, you couldn’t have missed FTN Motion’s Streetdog display. It’s groovy. It’s chic. It’s tripping on acid. It’s the epitome of retro cool.

The Streetdog was designed and created by FTN Motion’s co-founders Kendall Bristow and Luke Sinclair in Wellington. They set out to create the “world’s most beautiful moped-class electric motorcycles” and aren’t they off to a good start? Granted, it’s a fairly subjective mission statement and it’s fair to say the Streetdog concept couldn’t be further from the ultra-modern SEAT MÓ design language, but that’s only a good thing! You’ll have half the world reaching for the bucket seeing it and the other half screaming at FTN to take their money.

Electric motorcycle made in New Zealand means just what it says on the tin. Yes, there are components and materials imported from overseas, but these bikes are more than just assembled in Aotearoa. The entire design cycle is done in New Zealand and core elements like the frame and body are fully made locally from start to finish.

Streetdog Electric Motorcycle… what is it?

It’s a minimalist moped-class motorcycle that you can ride with a car license. It features a classic look from days long gone and the founders have purposefully made some rather unusual decisions for this day and age. From the get-go, if it doesn’t need it, the Streetdog doesn’t have it. It has an easily removable battery and the whole idea is to provide a care-free and stress-free ownership experience.

FTN Motion Streetdog Electric Motorcycle in Black
FTN Motion Streetdog beta in black

The FTN Motion Streetdog is powered by an electric 3kW hub motor that propels the bike to a top speed of 50 km/h and has a 100km range… looking forward to our test drive to verify these claims. The FTN Motion Streetdog can be charged from any standard wall socket and comes with an impressive 30L storage space.

Where and when can I get one?

The first 100 units are already spoken for… you’re too late to get one from the first production run, but it is looking like the FTN team are already gearing up to start production in earnest so the wait shouldn’t be too long.

FTN Motion Streetdog e-motorcycle
The Streetdog is a design statement as much as it is a feat of engineering.

FTN Motion is offering test rides at their HQ in the heart of Wellington and a show and tell roadshow is also planned for February to cover Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch. The FTN Motion Streetdog electric motorcycle pricing is still being worked out, but current estimate is around $9,000 all in.

“We’re excited to start New Zealand deliveries towards the end of Q1 this year”, said FTN Motion’s man in charge of marketing, Michel Roncara, over the phone today and first in line promises were made for a Tarmac Life test ride review very soon.

Read more on FTN Motion and the Streetdog at

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