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Spanish carmaker Cupra and Italian eyewear brand L.G.R have once again collaborated on a collection of sunglasses. The new range includes three pairs of sunglasses featuring unique designs.

A sunglass style from the special collection between Cupra and L.G.R eyewear
Pictured above is the ‘Tribe’ style

The new collection is described as having “contemporary style, cutting-edge innovation and boldness.” Designed and handmade in Italy, the range includes three models: Tribe, Reunion Metal Explorer and Nomad II, all with exclusive Cupra elements to celebrate the reunion.

A reimaged 'Reunion' frame style from the Cupra and L.G.R eyewear collection
Reunion Metal Explorer is a classic L.G.R style

Tribe is a ‘Double Bridge Aviator’ style while Reunion Metal Explorer is an iconic L.G.R frame reimagined for Cupra. Nomad II on the other hands uses a unique hexagon style to make a statement, call it L.G.R’s take on the traditional Aviator if you will.!

The collection can be shopped online via the L.G.R website or instore at your local Cupra dealer.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Seat Media Centre Cupra

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