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The 2019 BMW X5 is a special car but is it special enough?

Out of all the cars I’ve reviewed so far, the X5 is the only car with which I have experienced driving the previous generation and so I can genuinely say this is a big step up from there but there’s a few things that still need to be fixed!

Big on the outside

I know that sounded weird but it is bigger on the outside, everything is! Especially that bloody massive grille. The X5 has always had a strong road presence but this model takes that to another level, the lines along the side are sharper and it just looks that little bit more pompous. While I have been known to be an egotistical character at times even I can’t stand that massive new grille and I think I’d be able to stand it even less if it were tailgating me which it probably will be at some point!

It may be a diesel SUV but beware because it will go fast!

A first look at the car and you’d say this possibly couldn’t be sporty in any way. It is a big SUV, it’s filled with leather and it’s got a diesel powerplant. However, you’d be wrong! Believe me, this thing can go and it really sticks to the ground around corners. My pal Dave really thrashed it around some twisty corners and it stuck like glue. This BMW is certainly true to the company’s slogan, it really is ‘the ultimate driving machine.’

However, BMW has fixed the elephant in the room which was that rock hard suspension because the suspension in this is very pleasant. It’s 3 litre diesel has plenty of grunt to make this big car seem small!

Soft touch galore on the inside

Honestly, everything on the inside is soft to touch and believe me, I checked in every nook and cranny that I could fit my hand into. There’s barely any plastics used and for $150k you’d expect nothing less! Even the door pockets are covered in a soft leatherette material. The interior is beautiful and the cherry on the cake is this transparent glass gearstick, just look at it!

The Verdict

The new BMW X5 is really really good in pretty much every way but it’s just a bit too pricey for my liking. It doesn’t have electrically adjustable seats in the rear and there’s no sunshades for the rear windows, all this and more is available on the cheaper Lexus RX350 may I add but then again the Lexus doesn’t drive like this does. Am amazing car and it deservedly gets my first ever 5 star rating, I’m notoriously hard to please so well done BMW!

The new BMW X5 gets a 9.5/10 from me

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