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5 Ways the All-New BMW 3 Series is smarter than you…

The 3 Series has been a BMW icon since its inception in the mid-1970’s and even though ‘cars’ and not in vogue at the moment (fingers crossed they will return), BMW has chosen the 3 Series to house all their new technology – yay!

BMW 3 Series Review NZ

Here’s 5 of my favourites:

1 – Gesture control. Yes I know it’s in other models and possibly quite unnecessary BUT I like it. There’s something about being able to twirl your finger and get things done – Don’t judge me!

BMW 3 Series Review NZ

2 – Parking Assistant. Yes, I can park myself thank you very much, but why do this when your BMW can. Again, self-parking tech is available on many new vehicles now, however, the one in the 3 Series does EVERYTHING. It puts you into reverse, uses the accelerator, brake and steering wheel then even puts the handbrake on when completed.

BMW 3 Series Review NZ

3 – Reversing Assistant. Again with the parking. I have been told I tend to put my nose in where it’s not wanted and that goes for the cars I drive too. The 3 Series Reversing Assistant remembers the exact route I took (last 50m) that got me into trouble and will reverse trace that way. It’s genius.

4 – IPA (no not the beer) Intelligent Personal Assistant. Made to listen to your every word. ‘Hey BMW (or whatever else you chose to call it)’ opens up a plethora of time and effort saving functions. From heating your seat to brightening your day. It’s smart and intuitive (unlike me).

5 – Last but not least, it can text. Maybe not a big thing to you but my phone ‘plan’ has 2,000 of them free per month that I never use. The BMW 3 Series will text, correct and even add in grammar – you hear that GEN Y’s or whatever you are now – LoL.

BMW 3 Series Review NZ

So there you have it – The new BMW 3 Series, smarter than the average auto journalist!

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