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Bentley Goes Bespoke for Cancer Research

Bentley of the Americas and The SagerStrong Foundation have recently come together to present a one-off project bringing iconic sports broadcaster, Craig Sager’s energy to life. The result of which is a bespoke Continental GT Speed Convertible which will support blood cancer research.

Front three quarters view of the Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible one-off made for the SagerStrong Foundation
A bespoke creation saw broadcaster, Craig Sager’s energy reimagined

The Bentley Mulliner team pieced together this unique design taking inspiration from Craig’s well-known on-screen wardrobe. So much so that the team mimicked the floral suit pattern he wore at his last public appearance. The craftsmanship on this car is unique and will be made even more special with the signatures of Craig’s family.

Craig Sager's signature embroidered on the seats of the Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible
The one-off will feature many more signatures from the Sager family

Stacy Sager, Craig’s wife who leads the Foundation said her intent was to work with Bentley to “represent Craig’s spirit in every stitch.” Bentley of the Americas has been a sponsor and supporter of cancer research for over a decade and as such have applied the same principles for the SagerStrong Foundation. For the luxury automaker, the project represented an organic extension in their efforts to combat cancer.

Floral pattern on the Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible made for the SagerStrong Foundation
A unique floral pattern took inspiration from Craig’s iconic wardrobe

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Bentley Media.

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