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Aston Martin Reveals World’s Most Advanced Road Bike

Handcrafted in the UK and unlike any road bicycle ever before, meet the brainchild of Aston Martin and J.Laverack. The Laverack Aston Martin .1R offers a sportscar and hypercar experience on two wheels.

Three quarters view of an Aston Martin Laverack .1R bicycle.
Some might dub it the Aston Martin of the bicycle world

A truly bespoke piece with each buyer able to customize the colours and materials on the bicycle, both of which stem from the choices available to Aston Martin customers. The two companies have described the .1R as a “road bike without equal”, which extends beyond its cosmetic appeal. High performance is the name of the game with the “visually boltless” design offering a level of detail unseen on road bikes previously.

A close-up of the brakes on the Aston Martin Laverack .1R bicycle.
Testing the state of the art brakes required the development of bespoke testing equipment!

Made up of 3D printed titanium lugs and sculpted carbon fibre tubes, it is as beautiful as it is capable. Four piston brake calipers required the development of all new testing equipment as there are no visible cables or hoses on the bicycle. Mark Reichman, Executive VP of Aston Martin described the .1R as a “titanium hypercar on two wheels.”

A close-up of the Aston Martin logo on the front of the Aston Martin Laverack .1R bicycle.
J.Laverack are masters at crafting titanium, resulting in the unibody appearance of the .1R

The purchasing journey is very much a luxury experience too with each owner receiving an invitation to Aston’s HQ in Gaydon for a fitting as well as a session to customize the bike. Keen buyers can use Aston’s online configurator to buy the bicycle with one of the headline options being whether to expose or paint over the carbon fibre. Purchase of the bike also comes with an alumnium or carbon fibre case!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Aston Martin Media.

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