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Come April 2024, Alfa Romeo will unveil its first ever “Sport Urban Vehicle”, this mysterious car will also be the brand’s first EV! Its name is the Milano. Dubbed as a “genuine tribute” to the brand’s home where it has been since its inception as A.L.F.A in 1910.

Milano, known for being the pinnacle of fashion design as well as a hub of both innovation and sustainability will serve as the backdrop for the Alfa Romeo Milano’s unveiling next year. The city’s name even adorned the Alfa logo from 1910 to 1972 so this is a connection that runs deep.

We don’t know much about the Alfa Romeo Milano thus far apart from its name and the fact that it will be a B-segment car, this will see the brand make a much awaited return to the biggest car segment in Europe. Milano will look to carry the baton on from the Giulietta with Alfa CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato calling it a “welcome” to the brand.

A promotional image of the new Alfa Romeo Milano nameplate unveiling.
Alfa Romeo Milano is set for an April 2024 launch

Despite much doubt about the brand’s future under Stellantis, the group has returned Alfa Romeo back to bring profitable as well as creating a ‘0 to 0’ plan. This roadmap will see Alfa go from 0 electric vehicles to a 0 emission line-up in 2027, the fastest fuel to electric transition in the industry. The brand is also tracking 34% better (globally) than last year when it comes to year to date sales!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Stellantis Media.

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