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Zero Emission Hero

Wojtek Czyz Paralympian

New Zealand’s (now) very own Wojtek Czyz is making waves, and not just in the world of para badminton. No stranger to global fame having won no less than four Paralympic Gold Medals over the years, he’s just been highlighted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) Action Goals initiative, as a champion […]

Trucking Stylish – New VW Amarok Style review

2023 VW Amarok Style review NZ

By now you would be fully aware (I hope) that there’s an all-new VW Amarok in New Zealand, what’s more, there are three models to choose from, talk about being spoilt. Anyway, to help us figure out which Amarok would suit us best, VW New Zealand has given us almost the whole set to work, […]