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Fire Fighters Shooting to Win an Opel EV

2023 Opel Grandland and a New Zealand fire engine

Fire & Emergency New Zealand’s Annual Basketball Tournament is taking place this weekend in Hamilton and they’ve teamed up with Ebbett Hamilton and Opel New Zealand to raffle off a chance to win a brand new Opel. Raising money for I AM HOPE The raffle is not just for giggles either; the FENZ crews are […]

The multiple personalities you meet at free EV charger stations

2023 Opel Corsa-e review NZ

Once upon a time, in a world where electric vehicles had become the norm, free public EV chargers emerged as a beacon of convenience and sustainability. People from all walks of life flocked to these charging stations, each bringing their unique personality types and adding a touch of colour to the charging experience. Join me […]

New BMW 5 Series to feature B&W

Bowers and Wilkins in new BMW 5

Bowers & Wilkins brings its True Sound experience to one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated new cars – the all-electric BMW i5 Sedan. The announcement sees Bowers & Wilkins and BMW deepen their partnership, which began in 2015 with the Diamond Surround Sound System in the BMW 7 Series. Today, Bowers & Wilkins performance […]