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15th time’s the charm – I imported a BMW M2 from Japan

If you are one of those avid readers that will go to the end of our articles and read our bios, you might have seen that I mentioned in mine that in 5 years in New Zealand, I have owned 14 cars. While it might seem a bit excessive to someone that doesn’t share this […]

The new Mercedes-AMG SL

For almost 70 years, the SL badge has thrilled sports car enthusiasts with bold design and bigperformance, which has included success on some of the world’s most iconic racetracks. Now, themodel that set the template for generations of sports cars is back – this time as a 2+2 soft-top roadstercomplete with a suite of luxury, […]

Bar raised with new Lexus ES 300h Crafted Edition

Lexus New Zealand raises the bar with new ES 300h Crafted Edition added to its line-up. There is just adozen crafted for New Zealand and no more. Ever. While they are relatively rare on local roads, more than three million Lexus ES have been sold around theworld, so there is clearly something special about this […]

Born Star – Cupra Born first drive NZ

Cupra Born V+ review NZ

Spanish automotive brand Cupra has released its all-new and all-electric hatch, ‘Born’ and it’s finally arrived in NZ. The attractive, hardcore sports hatch has a sizable battery that offers plenty of endurance, while its handling and performance makes it certain to be one of the stars in the current Cupra line up.  The NZ launch […]