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Amarok’s Edition Addition – Edition R review

VW Amarok Edition R NZ

Volkswagen Amarok Edition R Review New Zealand. With 1.3billion of the world’s population people speaking Chinese, it’s by far the globe’s most spoken language, however, English (spoken by a mere 379 million) spreads its voice to 137 countries making it arguably the most popular. It’s a complex language, filled with spelling, homonyms and punctuation discrepancies. […]

Holla for an Ola

Brian Dewil and Ola car

If, like me, you thought rideshare app Ola was a recent NZ start-up built to follow on the coattails of Uber, think again. We got the chance to speak with Entrepreneur Brian Dewil, the man behind Ola here in New Zealand, to get the lowdown on what makes the rideshare so good. First of all, […]

MG will now sell you a ute

MG is the newest entrant to the ute market with their Extender, essentially an LDV T60 underneath. And so MG’s revival continues.

Evocotive Evoque – 2019 Range Rover Evoque Review

Range Rover Evoque Review New Zealand

The Evoque is the 4.4m long baby or is that ‘darling’, of the Range Rover/Land Rover line up. When it first launched around 2010/11 it introduced a lot of ‘Posh’ to the sub-compact SUV market, so much so that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice herself) claimed to have a big hand in designing one of its […]

4Motion Devotion – A VW 4Motion Experience

VW 4MOTION Experience NZ

Volkswagen invited us to the snow-capped mountain peaks of Queenstown and a racetrack in Cromwell to ‘get to grips’ with their 4MOTION All-wheel drive system and tell us why it’s so important to the brand. Although the 4Motion itself actually only appeared by name in 1999, Volkswagen has been involved with AWD systems as far […]

Audacious new Audi A1 – Audi A1 Sportback review

Audi A1 Sportback review NZ

Howling winds and torrential rain wouldn’t stop us from attending the NZ launch of the second generation Audi A1 Sportback, after all, this ‘creator’ of the premium compact car segment has (thanks to the pending arrival of the new model) been on a bit of a hiatus of late. With Auckland winter well and truly […]

An Audi E-Tron Carbon Zero Event Extravaganza

AUDI E-TRON Review New Zealand

It would appear that the human race is a social bunch. Currently, 4.3 billion of us flock to populate city centres all across the globe and it’s estimated that this will grow to 6.7billion by 2050. We emit CO2 at an alarming rate and inevitably seem to be on a fast track to grinding to […]