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Viva the Electric SEAT

Ola, SEAT presented its electric strategy today which, until the beginning of 2021, will include six electric and plug-in hybrid models. The electric version of the Mii and el-Born will be the brand’s first two fully electric models, while the new generation Leon and the Tarraco will feature a plug-in hybrid version. Furthermore, the CUPRA […]

Who’s driving level 5 autonomous vehicles?

“I’m looking to buy a car that I never have to drive,” said nobody, ever, according to Ford North Harbour Store’s Branch Manager Derrick van den Berg. And that in essence is what this conversation (or lack thereof) is all about. If nobody wants to own a car/SUV that they NEVER have to drive, then […]

5 Ways the All-New BMW 3 Series is smarter than you…

BMW 3 Series Review NZ

The 3 Series has been a BMW icon since its inception in the mid-1970’s and even though ‘cars’ and not in vogue at the moment (fingers crossed they will return), BMW has chosen the 3 Series to house all their new technology – yay! Here’s 5 of my favourites: 1 – Gesture control. Yes I […]

Jaguar’s new I-lectric I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace Review New Zealand

Electric Vehicles are a new thing, right? Those of us that were born over a certain time period – not the young or really, really old – have been (until pretty recently) essentially unaware of the existence of battery-powered/Electric motor vehicles. Sure there was the car that everyone ‘hip’ in Hollywood owned in the ‘90’s […]

N for Nice and Naughty – Hyundai i30 N review

Hyundai i30 N review New Zealand

Hyundai has forged a bit of a name for themselves in the family arena. The Santa Fe, the Tucson, the Kona even the IONIQ and beyond, all seem to have strong family appeal and for good reason. Hyundai has evidently thought long and hard about this target audience and produced very nice vehicles that fulfil […]

Smile on your dial – Ford Focus and Endura launch

Ford Focus and Endura launch New Zealand

When it comes to vehicles, the Motoring landscape is as diverse as the people that drive them and quite rightly so. We all seem to expect different things from the vehicles we sit behind the wheel of. Be it more seating room, more height, more boot space, more power or more technology (I could, of […]

Hyundai Twoson – Tucson II review NZ

Hyundai Tucson Review New Zealand

A few years ago, I was delighted to attend the launch (or maybe relaunch) of Hyundai’s medium-sized SUV the Tucson. Held at Cape Kidnappers, it was an amazing event with an outstanding backdrop. Back then, we experienced the new look, new designed SUV both on and soft-road and were wow’d by its technology and capability. […]

Vital Idol – All new BMW 3 Series review

BMW 3 Series review New Zealand

We attend the NZ launch of the all-new BMW 3 series The BMW 3 Series was first released in 1975 and its arrival came as a bit of a wow moment for both the Marque and its subsequent hoards of adoring fans. It was the original Compact Sports Sedan and along with it, created a […]

A-Class Apart

The new Mercedes-Benz A250 is in a league of its own and here’s why!