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VW KEV will be at the VW Nationals this Easter

Meet KEV, the Kombi Electric Vehicle that embodies the nostalgia and charm of a classic, while paving the way to our future. Volkswagen has revealed a fully electric 1966 Kombi along with an open source ‘greenprint’ for anyone looking to revolutionise their classic.

Volkswagen is on a journey to reduce its carbon footprint and to celebrate the much-anticipated arrival of the new, fully electric ID. range, Volkswagen has breathed new life into an icon. Once used by the Dunedin Health Board, KEV has been lovingly restored and repowered with a new heart, fueled by clean energy. 

KEV the Kombi EV

The initiative seeks to “green up” one of the brand’s most recognisable vehicles with an open source guide online to help Kombi owners revolutionise their iconic retro.

The guide called the ‘Greenprint’ delivers a how-to plan for passionate owners to convert their own Volkswagen vehicle to fully electric solution.

KEV the Kombi EV

Max van den Bergen, Special Vehicles Manager, says the change from classic to e-classic has been extraordinary. “I know Kombi owners are super passionate about their vehicles, so it’s great to share our journey and plans required to turn their classic into a full EV.”

Max, adds “When almost half (47%) of Kiwis are likely considering and EV for their next vehicle, we’re thrilled to offer a range of electric and PHEV vehicles along with one that’s slightly more unexpected.”

Volkswagen’s goal is to continue to spread peace, love, and freedom with free-to-all access on how to convert a classic Kombi to an EV. Revolutionise your retro with the Volkswagen Greenprint today, available now from

And if you’re at the VW Nationals this weekend, you can meet KEV in person.

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