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Toyota New Zealand increases its commitment to Hydrogen technology

Toyota New Zealand is further advancing its activity in the hydrogen ecosystem through signing an exclusive distribution rights agreement for stationary hydrogen fuel cell generators that have been
assembled by Toyota Australia.

Partnering with French sustainable energy solutions provider EODev (Energy Observer Developments), Toyota will invest $3.27 million to assemble the EODev GEH2 generator at its former manufacturing
facility at Altona in Melbourne from the first quarter of 2024.

To further expand opportunities, Toyota Australia will also sell the generators and Toyota New Zealand
will be their first customer, with plans to import and distribute in the New Zealand market.

Toyota New Zealand Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Neeraj Lala said the agreement
with Toyota Australia to assemble and supply GEH2 generators is a game changer for the local market.

“Our strategy is to support New Zealand to establish a hydrogen economy beyond light transport. We
are energised to expand our business operations through technology innovations such as the GEH2
generator, especially as they will become more accessible via the Australian assembly facility,” Mr Lala

“The hydrogen generators are a sustainable, clean alternative to the current options. Sectors like the
construction sector, just like cars, are also transitioning to low emissions. Utilising the same hydrogen
technology that is in a Mirai, we are able to provide them with a viable zero emission option which is a
positive contribution towards the future of New Zealand,” he said.

The first model to be assembled will be the 110kVA GEH2 generator, which uses the same Toyota Fuel
Cell system that powers the Toyota Mirai FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) and provides zero CO2 emission power generation suitable for a variety of applications.

As the market develops, additional models will be considered for assembly and distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

Toyota Australia President and CEO Matthew Callachor said Toyota was committed to exploring and
developing further applications for its fuel cell technology and helping to grow Australasia’s hydrogen

“Toyota fully supports the Australian federal and state governments’ drive in growing our hydrogen
economy and is committed to exploring opportunities for our fuel cell technology well beyond its
automotive use,” Mr Callachor said.

“This agreement signed today is not about a trial or pilot program, it is about concrete action that will
improve businesses’ access to stationary hydrogen fuel cell generators and help them reduce their
carbon footprint.

“At the same time, our investment will help to build local skills and capabilities in hydrogen technologies in what is a rapidly growing industry that will help Australia and New Zealand meet their emission reduction targets,” Mr Callachor said.

Toyota demonstrated the potential for the EODev GEH2 hydrogen fuel cell generator this year when it was used to power both its Fieldays site, and also the Horonuku customer activation in the Auckland

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