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Toyota bZ4X: charged up and coming to NZ soon

In 2024, Toyota will add a new and future-focused badge to their product mix – the Beyond Zero
range, starting with the battery powered fully electric bZ4X, the first of which will arrive in New
Zealand early next year.

For decades the Toyota brand, here in NZ and around the world, has stood for trustworthy, safe, and
reliable vehicles backed up by nationwide customer service experience second to none. More
recently, Toyota has set out to add a fun driving experience to that ethos.

The Beyond Zero premise is for human-centric vehicles that transform how we interact with our
vehicles, others, and society. The Toyota bZ series will introduce new driving experiences, new
technologies to connect with each other, a zero emissions performance, and a zero-harm experience
with additional safety features.

Steve Prangnell, Toyota New Zealand Vice President of New Vehicles, says the aim is not just to
create electric vehicles that eliminate emissions, but to also offer new mobility solutions and
maintain an enjoyable driving experience.

“We are aiming to create value for people and the planet beyond zero emissions. The Toyota bZ4X
SUV is the first of a range of battery electric vehicles (BEV) that we will launch in NZ, which will
appeal to everyday New Zealanders, as they are borne of the same stable that has created Toyota’s
legendary well-built, easy-to-drive vehicles.”

The Toyota bZ4X is similar in size to the RAV4 and will be available in two models – the front-wheel
bZ4X Pure and all-wheel drive bZ4X Motion. Both have an underfloor lithium-ion 71.4kWh battery,
which can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes at a 150kW charging station.

Steve says Toyota has created a BEV that is easy to drive. “While it is packed with new technology,
including our third-generation active safety systems, it drives like any other Toyota – you don’t have
to learn a new way of driving or worry about how the software works. Just jump in the car and drive it
with hardly any learning curve at all.”

“Plus, we know that many customers are loyal to Toyota because of the outstanding and personal
service they receive at one of our 60 nationwide stores. This will continue with all bZ cars and is a
good reason why customers should consider a battery electric vehicle from Toyota and how it can fit
into their lifestyles,” he says.

“Toyota is entering the global BEV market with the customer experience at the forefront of our
strategy, and it is the same in NZ. We are investing in wrap-around support for customers and the
new bZ series, with a comprehensive customer benefit program, specialist Store sales staff,
technicians, plus chargers at all of our Stores.”

Toyota New Zealand is right behind the bZ series. It will play an important role in the company’s
science based commitment to reduce tailpipe emissions from its portfolio by a minimum of 46% by 2030.

Globally, Toyota sees the bZ range growing in popularity and, in large numbers over time, reducing worldwide carbon emissions as the company works towards a net zero carbon position by 2050.

Initially numbers of the Toyota bZ4X will be limited so potential BEV owners are advised to sign up
for updates now on the Toyota New Zealand website to receive the most up to date information or
speak to their local Toyota Store.

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