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Let’s face it, impregnated cardboard air fresheners are all very well but they will be blown into the weeds by Jelly Jets.

Jelly Jets has fired the concept of cockpit freshness into the space age with a yummy jelly-powered triple treat for the senses — air fresheners that not only smell like fun but look and feel it too!

A new car might smell ‘nice’ but bubble gum, cherry, and green apple aromas will appeal to car owners who want something fresh as well as new. These aeronautical air fresheners will have instant appeal to generations of Kiwis familiar with one of the nation’s favourite lollies but they will last a lot longer and perfume the car with fun fragrances at the same time.

Jelly Jets come in two different task force configurations: the Clip-It version will attach to air vent vanes, giving maximum thrust to the fragrance; while the Hang-It version is free to perform perfumed aerobatics suspended from the rear view mirror, or the airspace of your choice.

What’s more, while the Clip-It version has to stay grounded in front of an air vent blast fence, they get the
option of additional pizzaz in the form of embedded sparkles.

As well as looking cool and tasty, Jelly Jets smell good enough to eat. Jelly Jets come in six ‘flavours’ — bubble gum, cherry, blueberry, green apple, vanilla, and strawberry in the Hang-It version. The Clip-It form comes in three flavours: bubble gum, cherry, and blueberry, and, unique to Clip-Its, all three flavours are also available with sparkles. Jelly Jets are available from leading automotive and hardware stores.

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