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Shamir launches innovative optical lenses for improved driving performance

SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE, developed using the most advanced technologies, provides optimal vision under any driving conditions, for professionals, as well as passionate and everyday drivers. The new lens solution is designed to enable sharp and clear vision with less glare – day and night and in low light conditions and increased road awareness with exceptionally wide and clear visual fields. It adjusts to changing light, eye fatigue, and improves reaction time, leading to enhanced performance on the road.


Shamir Optical Industry is launching innovative lenses, to add to its better lifestyle line through improved performance lenses. Its new SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE lenses are designed to transform the driving experience to make it safer, more comfortable, and far more visually clear. Following a period of intensive R&D, with myriad measurements using elements of artificial intelligence (AI), professional driver trials and feedback from Shamir’s optical performance partner, BWT Alpine F1 Team, Shamir developed its driver-dedicated lenses. After being tested on everyday drivers and professional racing drivers, the feedback and lens performance results provided a successful proof of concept.

With a constant focus on improving people’s lives, the new lens development began with Shamir’s decision to address the issue of visual challenges confronting drivers on the road, such as sudden changes in road conditions, varying light intensities from the sun, streetlamps, or oncoming headlights, and the need to keep switching focus from the close vehicle interior to the distant road. Analysis of surveys* showed that 1 in 5 drivers suffer from eye fatigue, and 25% of drivers have trouble focusing quickly on varying distances. In addition, modern technology introduces further disturbances to drivers, such as in-car digital screen displays and bright LED lights.


Shamir developed its new driver-dedicated, specially designed lenses based on extensive measurements of head movements and eye-tracking, providing a comprehensive understanding and prediction of driver visual behavior. This enabled them to develop a lens solution providing optimal vision for optimal driving performance, adapted to individual needs and all driving conditions. By applying elements of AI, along with insights from its Alpine partner racing drivers, Shamir invented a lens solution ideally suited to all types of professional and passionate drivers and as well as everyday drivers, to provide them with improved performance and an unparalleled driving experience.


SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE comes as a set of two pairs of glasses, available as Single or Progressive Vision – “Sun” for daylight and “Moon” for nighttime driving, in order to provide uncompromised optimal vision for all conditions. The new “Sun” lens for daylight incorporates an advanced filter that enhances color perception, making colors and objects appear more vivid, similar to the effects of Formula F1 racing helmet visors. It comes in a choice of four tints, and its advanced anti-reflective coating reduces disturbing glare from the sun. The clear “Moon” lens, which is designed for conditions of low-light and nighttime driving, with visual age-based myopic shift for improved low-light sharpness, reduces visual noise, eye fatigue, and improves drivers’ reaction times for safer driver performance. Together with their Alpine partners, Shamir have driven innovation in performance lenses to a whole new level by enriching their Big Data set with extensive inputs, insights and data from professional drivers facing extreme road challenges.

According to Shamir’s CEO, Mr. Yagen Moshe, “We are proud of our partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team, which has allowed us to drive performance lenses to new levels and contribute to innovation for us both. The rich insight and extensive data received from professional drivers under conditions of extreme challenges have enriched our Big Data set and have been invaluable in the development of the new driving-dedicated performance lens. Going the extra mile with this valuable partnership, Shamir exercises its ability to see through the eyes of its consumers, to study the environment, the activities and needs of the users, and then to apply the most advanced technologies including elements of AI to maximize the user experience. The lens solution we have developed upgrades the driving experience to premium, allowing drivers (professional as well as passionate and everyday drivers) to enjoy clarity of vision, whether of the road ahead or of the image in their mirrors, bringing them safely to their destination.”


SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE will be available in July throughout the EU from Shamir optical outlet partners, and in Asia-Pacific Countries and North America starting in August. Presented as a set of two pairs of lenses – one pair providing protection from the sun’s rays, and the other suited to low-light and nighttime driving conditions – both pairs are optimally suited to meet the special visual challenges of driving, while improving reaction times and driver performance for safer and more comfortable lifestyles. SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE is part of Shamir’s long tradition of developing innovative performance lenses, to be followed by more in the near future.

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