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Apparently Kiwis over rate their driving ability -GoCarma

Tower launches GoCarma app to help Kiwis improve their driving and keep our roads safer

When it comes driving ability and safety, most Kiwis think they are better than everyone else on the roads. That’s according to research commissioned by Tower into Kiwi’s driving habits, that shows nine out of ten Kiwis believe they drive better than the average New Zealander.  

But less than one percent (0.8%) of Kiwis were willing to admit that their driving was below average.  A staggering 96 percent also believe that in general, that it’s other Kiwis who need to improve their driving habits and skills. 

Blair Turnbull, CEO of Tower, says the research suggests Kiwis are overconfident in their driving skills, but the question remains how good their driving really is.

“Our research shows New Zealanders head out on the road everyday thinking they are better drivers than everyone else. But a lot of those people will be overrating their own ability.  

“That’s why we’ve launched GoCarma, a mobile application that monitors driving habits and gives drivers personalised feedback on where they can improve as well as reducing your insurance excess based on how safe you drive for Tower customers.  

Men were more likely to rate their driving as above average (92 percent), versus women at (86 percent) and Kiwis aged 21-30 and 61-70 both rating themselves as the best drivers with 92 percent in each group rating themselves above average or higher.

GoCarma is available to all NZ drivers, not just Tower customers, and those using the app will be able to get rewards for safe driving, including a reduced excess for Tower customers, while also being able to compete against each other for some friendly rivalry.

“GoCarma is a great example of using mobile technology, data and insurance to reward people for driving safely.  We’re offering users rewards ranging from experiences to discounts – and if your driving improves in the process, that’s an added bonus,” says Turnbull.

Connecting to your car’s built-in Bluetooth, GoCarma tracks your driving habits by assessing a wide range of factors, including speeding and phone use. Each time users take a trip their driving is scored out of 100 and users can get a sense of where they scored well as well as where they may need to improve. 

“While we know people are driving less, they’re not necessarily driving safer and this type of new technology will help us build new insurance offerings and rewards for customers in the future.

“At Tower we believe it is time to reward Kiwis for driving safely. Our research shows that 83 percent of Kiwis would value an app that monitors how safely they drive. If getting people to use GoCarma helps to improve our road statistics, then I believe that is a win for everyone.

“Plus, it should settle a few scores between couples, friends and families wanting to know who the better driver is!” says Turnbull.

GoCarma is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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