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I was actually going to call this week’s Tarmac Tantrum ‘blinded by the light’ but I think someone has used that title, either way, this rant is about driver’s inability to use their headlights.

I spent the weekend at a Hazza’s wedding in Tauranga (well a little outside). It was a beautiful affair that I’m sure we/he will speak of again – it was noteworthy. Anyway, driving back to the hotel (which shall not be named and shamed) at around 11pm, I noticed just how bad people are with dipping their headlights.

Turn off your ‘kin high beam

Personally I was behind the wheel of a new Opel with smart LED lights that block out oncoming cars (he says smugly), but this was evidently NOT the case with a number of other cars. 

According to one risk assessment report ‘While driving down a dark, two-lane road at 50 MPH, the glare of an oncoming vehicle’s high beams suddenly appear. As the vehicle approaches it will become more and more difficult to see. It will take approximately two seconds after the vehicle passes for your eyes to readjust to low light conditions.’

Now if you’re going at 100km/h, two seconds is around 56 metres blind!

Turn off your ‘kin high beam

Look away would be the obvious answer, however, the lure of bright lights in the dark is hard to resist (deer in the headlights ring any bells) and that also means that you’re not looking forward for longer. Close one eye is another temporary solution, but again risky – and all because some idiot can’t dip their main beam (they’re all right jack).

To help with said driver’s we have a top tip, if you’re driving towards another car and there’s a blue light on your instrument cluster – YOU HAVE YOUR HIGH BEAM ON!

For those that still this difficult or a chore, buy a car that does it for you (there are a number of brands out there now).

Turn off your ‘kin high beam

Believe us when we tell you, those on-coming cars that flash or put their main beams on are NOT politely saying hello. 

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