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Wild Thing: Mazda MX-30 AWD Wild Hybrid Review

The Mazda MX-30 is a fine car which ever way you look at it.  However, what you could never accuse the standard MX-30 of being is a bit wild. That was until Blackwells Mazda in Christchurch had an idea. Take a regular MX-30 Mild-Hybrid and turn it into something crazy different. “The idea came about […]

5 Things I learnt from doing Targa Tour NZ

Toyota GR Supra at Targa NZ

Targa New Zealand is the planet’s Ultimate Road Race and (thanks to Toyota NZ) I had the opportunity to take part in this year’s 25th anniversary. According to the Targa press, ‘you will either be touring or racing for the entire day, with just a few brief moments to catch your breath before the start […]

Tiptoe through the tulips – Learning to Rally Drive.

I picked up a bug when Hyundai got me to ride shotgun with Hayden Paddon, the Rally bug. I guess that the thrill (and tinge of fear) of travelling at excessive speed over loose surfaces has been there since first getting behind the wheel in old blighty but Hayden brought it to the fore and […]

The Bucket list/Bucket seat

I feel that the term ‘bucket list’ is overused and overrated. Sure you should have some goals and ideals, things that make you smile and things you should aspire to do; but listing them? On the whole people say they have a bucket list and don’t in fact have one – I say this mainly […]