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Oliver Heilmer on Mini and the new concept Aceman

Oliver Heilmer Mini Head designer

Oliver Heilmer has been Head of MINI Design since 2017 and has over two decades of experience within the greater BMW group. However, we caught up with him recently at the unveiling of the new Mini concept Aceman where he freely shared his considerations of Mini’s ‘disruptive’ past, his vision of the future and the […]

Holden’s Heroes

I fear that for many brands and companies, choosing the ideal Celebrity (or Influencer for that matter) to fly their flag would be an absolute minefield, mind you this dilemma can flow the other way too. People are people and therefore come with a certain amount of human traits (both good and bad) and brands […]

Shmee150 – on Living the Supercar dream | Car-Tell

Shmee exclusive New Zealand Interview Tim Burton is an electronics salesman, a ski instructor, an analyst, an wait, Tim Burton is an absolute Social Media Motoring Giant. Over the past decade he has managed to amass a multi, multi, million amount of followers, has gained the respect of virtually ALL the Luxury and Performance […]

North Island’s new adventure playground

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park review New Zealand A mere stone’s throw from both Auckland and Hamilton is a place that you may well have driven past and written off as just another racetrack and until recently you’d have been right. Although it was (and is) a very good circuit, a racetrack is primarily what Hampton […]

Tanner Foust likes my interview

I received an email from Tanner Foust (Top Gear USA) this morning – it reads… ‘I apologize if i didn’t respond to this earlier but thank you! The interview looks great and it was great to meet you! Hope to see you next year, tanner’ I interviewed him while he was in NZ taking part […]