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Purrfect Peugeot – 2022 Peugeot e208 review NZ

Peugeot e208 GT review NZ

Several weeks ago I got the opportunity to test out the new Peugeot 208, compact hatch and I have to say I was impressed. It’s well-built, fun to drive, sexy to look at and even with a smaller cc’d engine, offered up plenty of satisfying speed, a package that’s hard to beat – or so […]

A cut above – VW Golf Mk8 review

VW NZ Golf Mk8 review

Since it first tee’d off on to the motoring landscape, the Volkswagen Golf has essentially been THE benchmark of the Hatch category. Good looks, nippy handling and everyday practicality made it an instant hit and has amassed over 35 Million sales during its near 50-year existence. Now in its eighth generation, we wanted to know […]

5th Generation SEAT Ibiza – Small car, big personality

SEAT Ibiza review NZ

The Ibiza ‘supermini’ is Spanish car giant SEAT’s biggest selling vehicle. In fact, since its initial launch way back in 1984, SEAT has sold nigh-on 5.5million units of this model globally and yet, here in NZ both the brand and the small car itself, have yet to gain the full recognition they deserve. We thought […]

A taste of Italy – Alfa Romeo Giulietta review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review New Zealand

Alfa Romeo Giulietta review New Zealand When I picture Italy, I am consumed with images of endless summer days. An arid dusty countryside that extends out to the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean that surrounds it. Quaint little towns with narrow cobblestoned streets. Close-knit families sharing bottles of Chianti and dipping warm fragrant garlic […]

A Bright Spark – 2018 Holden Spark review

Holden Spark LT Review New Zealand

2018 Holden Spark review New Zealand Although I have often used the term sarcastically, a bright spark is generally used to describe a smart or witty person, someone of above average intelligence or even (at times) a genius, but when it appears in Holden’s vehicle line up, Spark is a bright and nifty little motor […]

Skoda Superb Sportline review – The Sedatch

Giving someone a noble or superlative moniker can be problematic, especially if it turns out completely inappropriate. For instance naming your offspring President or King, isn’t ideal if they end up having trouble USING a ruler or calling them Einstein when they can barely tie a shoelace, I’ve even seen a guy on TV called […]

New Holden Astra – European takeaway

Europe’s population is estimated to be around 750million (give or take the UK) and its land mass covers roughly 10 million km (again give or take the UK). Most of the population tends to congregate around major cities; which despite the ever changing people vs land equation, still leaves a fair amount of unattended land. […]

Mazda3 SP25 – a Top Ad-Visor

People get their advice from many places, Banks, Brokers, Gym Instructors, Dietitians, Books and even magazines – it seems like everyone is out there lining up to offer up a little nugget of information that can be used to enhance your life. Mazda offer their information via a head up display. It’s a tiny visor […]

KIA Cerato – A Welcoming sight

There are many ways to greet someone, from a simple hello or handshake to a warm embrace or Hongi. The depth and intimacy of the greeting varies from country to culture and from familiarity to (perceived) affluence or class – gotta love an air kiss. But the one thing that rings true wherever or whomever […]

Toyota Corolla Hybrid – Endurance Pace

Without getting too philosophical, (provided your health stays in relatively good working order) Life is an Endurance event. You hopefully have a respectable amount of years on the planet, time to enjoy the seasons of change from child to youth, youth to adult and adult to retirement. You’ll own things, make friends, and maybe have […]