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Zero Emission Hero

Wojtek Czyz Paralympian

New Zealand’s (now) very own Wojtek Czyz is making waves, and not just in the world of para badminton. No stranger to global fame having won no less than four Paralympic Gold Medals over the years, he’s just been highlighted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) Action Goals initiative, as a champion […]

Powering EVs with a Clear Conscience

Evnex E2 EV charging

In a ground-breaking move, New Zealand-based company Evnex has unveiled its next-generation E2 smart charger, empowering electric vehicle (EV) owners to make environmentally conscious decisions by providing real-time information on their charging sessions’ carbon emissions. The cutting-edge E2 charger allows users to determine the energy source fuelling their vehicles, be it hydro, wind, solar, gas […]

EV Charger Made in New Zealand

Evnex EV charger and Nissan Leaf New Zealand

Where was your EV charger made? It could be anywhere in this day and age, right? The big name in the business is, of course, the Spanish company Wallbox, but even then your unit may have come from Catalonia, Texas or China. Most would probably guess that kind of stuff would usually come from China […]