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Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Review – the 150-volt shock you want

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Review New Zealand I’d like to think that I am pretty open-minded, that I embrace change, or accept that time doesn’t stand still, I’d like to think that. However, in reality, I have a tendency to have a more conservative approach to things. I don’t enjoy change for change sake and […]

Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 review – Short Circuit

Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 review New Zealand Electricity is a funny old thing. Alternating and Direct, (AC/DC), High and low voltage, Big and small amp’s, clean and dirty (in terms of resource)… One thing is for sure, in my humble opinion; it’s lazy – always looking for the path of least resistance and […]

Skoda Superb Sportline review – The Sedatch

Giving someone a noble or superlative moniker can be problematic, especially if it turns out completely inappropriate. For instance naming your offspring President or King, isn’t ideal if they end up having trouble USING a ruler or calling them Einstein when they can barely tie a shoelace, I’ve even seen a guy on TV called […]

New Holden Astra – European takeaway

Europe’s population is estimated to be around 750million (give or take the UK) and its land mass covers roughly 10 million km (again give or take the UK). Most of the population tends to congregate around major cities; which despite the ever changing people vs land equation, still leaves a fair amount of unattended land. […]

Toyota Corolla 2015 – has popularity sewn up

For 26 years the Toyota Corolla has been NZ’s most popular car, so I jumped into the new Corolla Levin SX facelift to see if I could find out why. Facially I think it’s got ‘Cheshire cat grin’ look about it; accentuated somewhat by a black hexagon lower centre grille and pitch black surround. Angled […]

Ford Fiest ST – Arriba arriba

Speedy Gonzales was a Mexican cartoon mouse from my childhood, ‘the fastest mouse in all Mexico’ that ran rings around Sylvester the cat (later Daffy Duck) and helped his fellow mice gain entry to a coveted cheese factory. Speedy’s acceleration, cornering and agility thwarted all attempts to snare him always leaving his nemesis humiliated or […]

KIA Cerato – A Welcoming sight

There are many ways to greet someone, from a simple hello or handshake to a warm embrace or Hongi. The depth and intimacy of the greeting varies from country to culture and from familiarity to (perceived) affluence or class – gotta love an air kiss. But the one thing that rings true wherever or whomever […]

BMW 225xe Active Tourer – Clip and Climb

BMW 225xe Active Tourer review New Zealand (Actually this should probably be called ‘unclip and climb in’ but it doesn’t have the same ring to it). School holidays are a time of great joy. Whether it’s half term or end of term, whatever the season, time away from the education system is always a great […]

Toyota Corolla Hybrid – Endurance Pace

Without getting too philosophical, (provided your health stays in relatively good working order) Life is an Endurance event. You hopefully have a respectable amount of years on the planet, time to enjoy the seasons of change from child to youth, youth to adult and adult to retirement. You’ll own things, make friends, and maybe have […]