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Good things come in threes – Amarok PanAmericana Review

“Another Amarok write-up?”, you might be asking? That’s right! In a happy coincidence, Dave, Matt and myself each got the opportunity to try out one of the trim levels of the New Amarok. Dave got to try out the Style, Matt checked out the Aventura (and I even jumped in for that review with him), […]

Amarok’s Edition Addition – Edition R review

VW Amarok Edition R NZ

Volkswagen Amarok Edition R Review New Zealand. With 1.3billion of the world’s population people speaking Chinese, it’s by far the globe’s most spoken language, however, English (spoken by a mere 379 million) spreads its voice to 137 countries making it arguably the most popular. It’s a complex language, filled with spelling, homonyms and punctuation discrepancies. […]

VW Amarok V6 review – Paddle Steamer

Although Paddle boats date back to the Romans and the use of Oxen to propel the big wheels, it wasn’t until 1704 that French Physicist Denis Papin first propelled a ship using steam power that was mechanically attached to giant paddles. The modern and common image that we now have of steamboats is of being […]