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PM on near NZ$500k pa denies cost of living crisis

by Greg Taylor

For those of us filling up at the pumps and noticing that the price has almost doubled, don’t worry about it. Speaking to Newshub’s AM, our PM says it’s not what she’d call a crisis.

Ardern says, “We are experiencing high inflation as are many countries at the moment,” [but] “It is projected to get better this year.”

However, not at the pumps it would appear. Fuel prices, won’t “necessarily” drop back down again, said Ardern. “What we’re seeing right now, is the impact of Covid and the recovery and of Ukraine. The increase we’ve seen at the pump, it’s been significant. It has not come from excise [tax]… it has not come from government.”

Blame it on whatever you like, but the cynical side of me thinks that this is a subtle move to turn us all into EV drivers (or take the bus). But these fuel increases will inevitably come and bite us all in the wallet. Transportation of goods (from a pie to a TV) all use fuel, and transport companies need to make a profit which means ‘we’ will pay the price – lovely.

As a mere tiny voice in our ‘team of 5 million’ I have to say, my bill at the end of the weekly grocery shop makes me weep, the fuel prices are abhorrent and my dream of owning a home has turned to a nightmare of ‘ELM STREET’ proportions.

If ONLY there was someone elected and in charge that could start to hmmm let’s say, reduce taxes, build homes, question grocery duopolies…

Worst case, I wonder if there’s a job available in the Beehive – it seems to pay pretty well.

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