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OPEL NZ’s fuel price-hike buster

Opel NZ has announced that for the entire month of July, everyone who buys an Opel ICE vehicle
will also get a year’s worth of free fuel.

This offer applies to the ultra-fuel-efficient new Astra, Grandland, Corsa and Mokka models. The
innovative PureTech engines in all four models are renowned for their miserly fuel use, helping Kiwis
go further for less.

The annual fuel calculation is based on 14,000 km per annum used by Rightcar’s estimation for the
models mentioned.

The free fuel total will be applied individually to each vehicle sold and presented as MTA Fuel

For example: Corsa SRi – $2,040 worth of MTA Fuel Vouchers
Mokka SRi – $2,230 worth of MTA Fuel Vouchers
Astra SRi – $2,000 worth of MTA Fuel Vouchers
Grandland SRi – $2,120 worth of MTA Fuel Vouchers

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