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Omoda E5 passes 2 critical battery tests with flying colours

Launched in New Zealand in April, the Omoda E5 has recently passed two vital electric vehicle battery safety tests, demonstrating the brand’s safety and durability credentials.

The tests included standard battery water wading and underbody scraping, which showcased the E5’s impressive safety features and automotive excellence.

“By subjecting our vehicles to rigorous testing to ensure we meet and exceed industry standards demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safety.

Surpassing these tests is a true testament to the quality our Omoda E5 offers the New Zealand customer – and at a competitive price,” says Sheldon Humphries, Country Manager of Omoda Jaecoo in New Zealand.

Water wading assesses several challenging conditions including water resistance and sealing, simulating extreme weather conditions and to test vehicle driving capabilities in water. With the front grille almost completely submerged, the Omoda E5 was able to drive steadily through the pool.

The underbody scraping test evaluates a vehicles ground clearance and structural integrity. In a simulated real-world scenario with obstacles on the road, the Omoda E5 drove over a 210mm high metal post. The underbody battery pack remained undamaged. This test highlights the Omoda E5’s durability and suitability for a diverse range of road conditions.

 “Omoda strives to elevate our safety standards through advancements in technology and engineering. We are proud of these results and believe they provide customers with a sound reassurance of the vehicle’s capabilities in challenging conditions,” says Sheldon.

Omoda uses blade battery technology in all its electric vehicles, renowned for its enhanced safety features, increased energy density and longer cycle life compared to traditional lithium-ion battery packs.

Being new to New Zealand, Omoda recognises the need for security, offering all Omoda customers a seven-year warranty and complimentary up to seven-year AA roadside assistance package, as well as an 8 year/160,000km battery warranty for EV models*.

Omoda Jaecoo will release eight models to New Zealand over the next two years. While the vehicles are new to Kiwis, the brand is experiencing significant growth globally, with their recent accolade of being named the fastest-growing automotive brand in the world.

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