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Funky Omoda NZ launch reveals price too

At last, new (to NZ) car brand Omoda has released its line-up and pricing for Kiwi’s, and it’s VERY good.

In an all singing, all dancing (quite literally) affair, Omoda launched its way onto the NZ automotive market. AI conversations, stobe’s, lasers, ‘Tron’ style dancers and a pumping DJ were all there to excite the crowd, while their sharp-looking vehicles E5 and C5, closed the deal.

Omoda NZ,

For those that don’t know, Omoda as a vehicle marque only debuted in 2022, however, it falls under the Chinese giant Chery’s umbrella, which began in 1997.  According to Sheldon Humphries (Country Manager, Omoda and Jaecoo New Zealand), the O in Omoda relates to ‘oxygen’, while Moda means ‘modern’, and when it comes to their vehicles, Omoda is out to be a low/no-emission brand that targets the fashion conscience – hence the hyped up launch.

We attended a quick view of the all-electric E5 a couple of months ago and then followed this with a full review of their ‘conventional’ petrol-fuelled C5. As impressive as they both were, what we wanted to know was the price. Well now we do.

There are four petrol models, the C5 BX 1.5T at $29,990, the C5 EX 1.5T at $34,990, the C5 GT 1.6T at $37,990 and the C5 GT AWD 1.6T at $39,990.

Omoda NZ,

In EV form, there are two spec levels, E5 BX at $47,990 and E5 EX at $54,990.

Omoda NZ,

Sheldon was thrilled to announce the pricing last night as the brand marked its arrival to New Zealand shores for the first time.

“Our commitment to offering competitive pricing represents not just value, but our dedication to accessibility, innovation and exceeding the expectations of Kiwi drivers. We believe our competitive pricing strategy will not only make premium vehicles more attainable but will also drive a new era of value-driven experiences on the roads of New Zealand.” says Humphries.

The Omoda E5 features an eco-friendly lithium iron-phosphate battery with a 430 km range and rapid 30% to 80% charging in just 28 minutes. With a sleek design and spacious interior, it offers smooth acceleration and a long range suitable for city driving and weekend getaways. Equipped with a 24.6-inch dual screen, ambient lighting, and advanced safety features such as blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking, the E5 delivers a futuristic driving experience.

“Omoda aspires not only to offer cleaner, greener modes of transportation to global users through cutting-edge technology, but also create a better future and lead the future of intelligent green mobility or ‘new energy’,” says Humphries.

Available in both a turbocharged 1.5-litre and a more powerful 1.6-litre engine, along with advanced technology such as the dual 10.25-inch screens and an AI voice command system, the Omoda C5 adds a futuristic touch to any ride. Standard amenities include wireless charging, LED headlights, and driver assistance systems. The premium model adds front and rear parking sensors, and a 360-degree surround camera, taking drivers on a ride like never before.

Being new to New Zealand, Omoda recognises the need for security, with all models of its vehicles boasting a seven-year warranty and complimentary up to seven-year AA roadside assistance package, as well as an 8 year/160,000km battery warranty for EV models.

Omoda Jaecoo will release eight models to New Zealand over the next two years under the Omoda and Jaecoo brands, the later of which is designed mostly for the off-road market. While the vehicles will be new to Kiwis, the brand is experiencing significant growth in 18 markets worldwide with 12,000 vehicles sold in November 2023 alone.

We’re looking forward to reviewing the E5, as soon as our ears stop ringing.

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