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The Nissan Qashqai has been refreshed

The new Qashqai is enjoying is first outing on the roads of the Algarve, in southern Portugal, where its refreshed styling exudes a sharp and modern dynamism. The comprehensive update to the styling, on-board tech and interior design will reinforce the Qashqai’s position as the segment-leader, as well as its place in automotive history as a segment-creator.

The front grille of the Qashqai has been comprehensively updated to create a more striking first impression. It now consists of dozens of high gloss, three dimensional comma-shaped elements painted in high gloss black paint which appear to float in the space between the lip of the bonnet and the numberplate holder. To the sides the “commas” are finished in a ”satin chrome” hot foil stamp on N-Connecta, Tekna and Tekna+ models.  

New refreshed Nissan Qashqai

New headlights bring a sense of purpose and presence, with an even sharper look. Below the main lens the daytime running lights consist of five small lenses which are the same shape as the “commas” of the main grille. The daytime running lights now encircle the main headlight lens, joining with the thin light above the headlight which is similar to the unit on the previous iteration of Qashqai. The upper daytime running light element becomes the turn indicator when activated and, for the first time, features sequential turning lights front and rear on N-Design and Tekna grade.  

At the rear, the red lighting elements now consist of four individual elements which echo the shape of the front grille ”commas”. They appear to float in the lens housing and are now a distinctive shade of red, known as “super red”, and bring a sense of elevated precision. The lenses are now clear, to allow a better view of the lighting elements.

New refreshed Nissan Qashqai

A new 18” diamond cut alloy wheel is now standard on the mid-grade Qashqai. For the higher grades, there is a new 19” alloy and a new 20” diamond-cut alloy wheel design. This range of striking wheels gives one of the widest range of wheels in the segment, adding an extra dimension to the Qashqai’s eye-catching design refresh. 

For the upper grades, there is a new application of Alcantara on the dashboard, door inserts, door armrests, centre storage console lid and even the knee pads all of which combine to elevate the on-board ambience.

New patterned materials adorn the centre console around the gear selector and the decorative insert between the upper dashboard and glovebox, underlining the attention to detail which underpins Japanese craftsmanship.

New refreshed Nissan Qashqai

Updated seat trims have been introduced across the upper three grades of Qashqai for an even more premium feel. Most notable is the black partially quilted premium leather on the top spec Qashqai. On the penultimate grade, there’s a quilted synthetic leather which is complemented by “burnt umber” flashes on the seat base and shoulders of the seat upright.

The upgraded Around View Monitor system now features a 3D function allowing the driver to see the car not only from above, but also select one of eight different external camera view points to visualise the car from the front, rear, sides or corners to potentially identify any unseen exterior hazards.

Additionally, a feature known as “invisible hood view” allows the driver to see the position of the front wheels as if looking at them from just behind, which enables them to precisely maneuver in tight locations, such as multi-story car parks where there are concrete curbs which could damage a wheel.

Furthermore, the AVM tech can be used to help drivers make a safe entry from a difficult exit onto a road where visibility is limited. It uses a wide-angle front camera to show the view from the front of the bonnet, projected onto the central screen. Like the “Parking Spot Location Memory” function, locations with limited visibility can be stored in AVM’s GPS memory, so it will automatically activate close to the junction.

New refreshed Nissan Qashqai

The refreshed Qashqai is the first vehicle in Nissan’s European range with Google built-in as part of the NissanConnect infotainment system, which makes a near-seamless interaction between a customer’s digital life and their vehicle.

The updated Qashqai comes as standard with Google Maps and, once signed-in, with a personal Google Account drivers can access their favourite locations and points of interest. This reduces the dependence on a mobile phone and cellular phone network. Over the air updates ensure the map information is always current.

Since its launch in September 2022, Nissan has sold more than 140,000 Qashqai e-POWER – with customers loving the electric drive feeling. The key to e-POWER’s unique and innovative powertrain is that the wheels are only ever driven directly by the electric motor, unlike traditional hybrids.

A pure electric motor direct drive to the wheels means no gearbox, instant, high torque and linear response. It represents an EV-drive sensation without the need to think of charging – a stepping-stone for customers who aren’t yet ready to make the switch to 100% EV.

New refreshed Nissan Qashqai

The sole role of the advanced turbocharged 3-cylinder engine – with variable compression ratio technology – is to generate electricity, which is sent via the inverter to either the 140kW electric motor or the 1.8kwh battery (or both, according to the driving scenario). The engine works quietly in the background to provide the necessary charge to the battery and motor. It’s been programmed to provide the electricity in relation to vehicle speed to avoid the disconcerting disconnect between background sound and vehicle progress.

We believe this refreshed model will be in NZ early next year

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