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Nissan’s Arc, to drive growth and electrify Oceania region

Nissan will step up its electrification and growth plans across its diverse AMIEO region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania), under The Arc, Nissan’s new global business plan to drive value and strengthen competitiveness.

Nissan The Arc

The plan, a bridge between the FY20-23 Nissan NEXT business transformation plan and Nissan’s long-term Ambition 2030 vision, is focused on a broad-based product offensive, increased electrification, new approaches to engineering and manufacturing, the adoption of new technologies, and the use of strategic partnerships to increase global sales and improve profitability.

The AMIEO region aligns with Nissan’s global strategy to ensure volume growth through a tailored regional strategy, setting the course for an accelerated transition to EVs, supported by a balanced electrified/ICE product portfolio, volume growth in major markets and financial discipline.

Nissan The Arc

Through these initiatives Nissan aims to lift annual sales globally by 1 million units, of which the AMIEO region will contribute nearly one third (300,000 units). Of the 16 new electrified vehicles & 14 ICE vehicles launching globally, five of the all-new EVs & six of the all-new ICE vehicles will be launched in the AMIEO region. These will include some of Nissan’s most well-loved nameplates among customers, including LEAF.

Guillaume Cartier, Chairperson, Nissan AMIEO said: “Through Nissan’s new business plan, The Arc, we have a clear roadmap to a promising future, focusing on growth, adaptability and competitiveness. Our AMIEO region is fully aligned to this global plan and we are shifting gears to enhance our product offering in the region, advance electrification and technology and leverage our strategic partnerships to drive us to a new era.

“Through this comprehensive plan, we are championing competitiveness and growth and I am confident we will deliver, providing the foundations to bridge to Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision.”

Nissan will continue to harness strategic partnerships to support competitiveness and its product portfolio. In Europe, the Alliance with Renault/Ampere will see a new Compact EV introduced to replace the Nissan Micra, and two new LCVs launched. In Oceania, Nissan will harness its partnership with Mitsubishi Motors to launch a new 1-tonne pick-up. In India, Nissan will strengthen its Alliance with Renault to elevate its manufacturing footprint, with India set to join the UK as one of the region’s key export hubs.

Electrification progress
The EV rollout is now planned for all AMIEO sub-regions, with Nissan in Europe continuing to lead the way in driving Nissan’s global electrification strategy. By 2026, Nissan expects more than 40% of its sales mix in Europe to be 100% electric and 75% electrified.

Beyond product and sales, Nissan will realise its EV36Zero vision for EV and battery manufacturing, with the start of production of new electric vehicles at Sunderland plant in the UK. The transformational project, Nissan’s 360-degree blueprint for zero emissions manufacturing and driving, is enabling an investment of up to £3bn by Nissan and partners.

Nissan’s vision for an electric ecosystem will see V2G technology commercialized, with AC bi-directional capability becoming available on Nissan EVs during the plan period, starting in Europe. Leveraging new partnerships across the region, Nissan’s V2G technology will include affordable two-way home chargers that will provide opportunities to share stored energy in the vehicle’s battery with the electricity grid, delivering new revenue opportunities for Nissan and offering benefits to its customers and the environment.

Nissan The Arc

During the The Arc period, Nissan in Oceania will launch four new models, including a new 1-tonne pickup, leveraging Nissan’s partnership with Mitsubishi Motors. Additional new electric vehicles will be introduced in Oceania, as the transition to electrification gathers pace.

Cartier continued: “With 140 markets and a population of almost 3.8bn, the AMIEO region is vast and the opportunities are immense. With this new business plan, we will deliver our most exciting and innovate products and technologies to date, ensuring we are ready for the competition. In line with the global strategy outlined in The Arc, we are also transforming our business from the inside out, turning challenges into new opportunities, while creating additional revenue streams and enhancing our value
proposition for customers.”

The Arc ensures growth and transformation in the AMIEO region, laying the groundwork for Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision, the company’s long-term vision to become a truly sustainable company, driving towards a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world.

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