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Britain’s oldest car manufacturer, AC Cars, has today unveiled the AC Ace RS electric, continuing the company’s return and reaffirming its approach to providing highly evocative, hand-built cars with high performance zero-emission powertrains

Restored for the first time in over two decades as an official AC Cars model, and retaining the iconic shape of the original, the new AC Ace RS electric is a true thoroughbred in keeping with the lineage of the iconic brand.

A world away from messy conversions using off the shelf parts, the AC Ace RS electric is a brand new production car that delivers precision British engineering with a specifically developed cutting-edge electric drivetrain.

AC Ace

Despite its classic styling the new AC will deliver a 0-62mph time of around 5.5secs and 500Nm of torque (peak), ensuring that it’s in a different performance league to the Ace of old. The AC Ace RS electric will achieve around 200 emissions-free miles on a single charge.

Named in honour of the original car’s final iteration, the AC Ace RS, just 37 Founders Editions of the AC Ace RS electric are planned, starting at £129,500.

Alan Lubinsky, Chief Executive of AC Cars for 25 years said: “Our move to electric power has proved to be more important for the brand than anything else we’ve attempted before. The combination of our pedigree with a new, fully electric drivetrain means that we’re ready to offer brand new cars that are undeniably historic in character yet thoroughly modern in their powertrain and performance.

“The interest around the world in our new electric cars from has been tremendous and has proved that developing a bespoke EV powertrain is the right approach in ensuring the future success of AC Cars.”

AC Ace

Undeniably the Ace
The definitive British sports car in the post-War years, the original AC Ace was launched in 1954 and stayed in production until 1962, capturing enthusiasts’ attention with its undeniable beauty and spirited performance. In turn, the Ace led directly to the development of another all-time automotive great, the formidable AC Cobra.

The new car will wear an AC Cars chassis number, ensuring the AC Ace RS electric reaffirms the marque’s traditional values and delivers customers an expertly crafted, brand new electric car.

Using the more advanced Mk IV AC chassis, the new cars will be hand-built under the watchful eye of acknowledged expert Steve Gray, Head of AC Heritage. Based at the UK’s historic racing circuit Brooklands, Surrey, Steve and the specialist team will be responsible for tailoring each car to the owner’s specification.

Once again AC Cars has worked with Derby based technical partner Falcon Electric, to ensure that the integration of EV technology remains wholly in keeping with the personality and performance that made AC’s cars admired around the world.

Deliveries of the first customer cars will start in late 2022, and reservations can be made now via the AC Cars website.

The launch of the new AC Ace RS electric follows the finalization of the AC Cobra Series 1 electric, ahead of the first customer deliveries, and the AC Cobra Series 4 electric announced in June

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