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Once in a lifetime prize to attend this year’s biggest sporting event on the planet

The New Zealand Football Foundation has launched a national fundraising lottery to support community football clubs in Aotearoa, giving them the chance to win one of eight double passes to the Football World Cup in Doha, Qatar – the biggest sporting event on the planet. 

The lottery aims to put much needed funding back into clubs by broadening their reach beyond footballing families’ pockets, and to support the growth of the sport in heartland Kiwi communities. 

In a sign that’s completely bucking the trend, the pandemic has done little to dampen enthusiasm for playing the sport. 

Football is the largest sport in New Zealand by participant, with further growth forecasted because of New Zealand hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023.

Latest figures reveal over 97,00 registered club football players – a two per cent increase in football participation since pre-pandemic season. 

“Football participation is in great shape” says Dan Farrow, NZ Football General Manager. “Since 2018, our club football numbers are up, and we are expecting more growth ahead with the Women’s World Cup on our doorstep next year”.

However, despite increases in football participation, the last two footballing seasons have seen severe reductions in fundraising, not just due to COVID lockdowns and economic pressures, but also dwindling gaming funding. The New Zealand Football Foundation, a charitable trust, believes in the power of football to build stronger and more connected communities, and supports projects and initiatives around the country that use football for good.

In order to continue to provide that support, the Foundation has launched a nationwide fundraising lottery – the biggest fundraising event ever held in New Zealand’s footballing community – to support grass-roots football. Ticket holders have the chance to win one of eight double passes to the Football World Cup in Doha, Qatar – the biggest sporting event on the planet in 2022.

“Our mission is to create impact through football-for-good initiatives,” says Melanie Longdill, CEO of the NZ Football Foundation. “Football clubs are a major asset for football in New Zealand and with participation growing we want to make sure that clubs and communities are well resourced and supported.”

With once in a lifetime prizes, the Foundation aims to broaden its reach beyond footballing communities, and with $10 of every ticket going back into club pockets, the Foundation aims to put more than $150,000 back into Kiwi community football clubs and teams.  

“This is a phenomenal fundraiser for supporting clubs and communities giving 16 lucky people the chance to win a trip of a lifetime.  Tickets for the lottery are not restricted to footballers; they’re available to anyone within the community that would like to support grassroots sport.  Grass roots sport is a vital aspect of our community to ensure that New Zealand is a happy and healthy nation,” says Longdill.

Clubs are encouraged to spend their funds in areas that the Foundation supports: Youth, Innovation, Women and Girls and social impact projects.

“Investment in these areas will not only create a positive impact and stronger social cohesion, but help provide a sustainable future for the game,” says Longdill.

Click here to get your ticket.

The lottery will be drawn, under police supervision, at 7pm on the 1st October 2022. 

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