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ŠKODA SUPERB iV approved for NZ Police operational testing


The ŠKODA SUPERB iV was the first iV model launched in ŠKODA New Zealand’s family of electrified vehicles, and since its launch in July 2021 has demonstrated that the sustainable choice, can also offer performance and safety that matches its petrol counterpart.

“We were confident that the SUPERB iV would be an ideal addition to the New Zealand Police fleet,” says ŠKODA NZ General Manager Rodney Gillard, “so we worked with the New Zealand Police Fleet team to arrange testing as soon as the cars landed in the country.”

After a rigorous testing process, the New Zealand Police have now begun operational testing of the new ŠKODA SUPERB iV Plug-in Hybrid for frontline usage, in a step towards reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint.

A SUPERB iV in full livery, is being taken out on duty by frontline staff to test its capabilities in a range of operational settings, to seek feedback on its performance.

This follows an in-depth range of tests including radio frequency interference, brake, and road trials as well as performance testing at Manfield, where the vehicle passed testing, performing well with the added weight of Police kit and equipment.

Brian Yanko, Manager of the Fleet Service Group for the New Zealand Police, says “It’s expected that the ŠKODA PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will be suited to frontline duties in an environment allowing for downtime where it can recharge, a process which takes around seven-hours from a standard 240-volt wall outlet.”

“Our move is to decarbonise our fleet, but any vehicle must be fully operational and fit for purpose to meet our operational requirements”, he says.

“That means they need to help keep our people safe and the New Zealand public safe.”

Police now have three SUPERB iV Plug-in Hybrids on fleet, one has been designated as an Executive pool car and an unmarked operation vehicle will also be put through its paces.

This trial is one facet of work following through on the NZ Police’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet, which is currently around 3,500 vehicles, including around 2,200 liveried prime 1 patrol cars.

ŠKODA NZ General Manager Rodney Gillard says, “we are thrilled to have the new SUPERB iV PHEV progress to operation testing by frontline Police; and following in the footsteps of its petrol counterpart, we are confident this vehicle will meet all performance and safety requirements, whilst offering substantial environmental benefits.

Our Plug-in Hybrid technology offers an all-electric, and thereby zero-emission range of up to 62km, with a long-distance capability up to 930km, offering the NZ Police the benefits of both an electric motor and a combustion engine. With our petrol SUPERB range already offering 25-30% reduction in carbon, our PHEV (ŠKODA iV) technology will add additional decarbonisation benefits to the NZ Police Prime 1 vehicles.”.

ŠKODA NZ and the NZ Police are in close discussions around ŠKODA’s electric vehicle programme and future models due to be released in New Zealand.

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