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R – a badge proudly worn by the iconic Golf R for 20 years. And now, R for Rent.

As the media gathered recently for the official unveiling of Volkswagen’s new performance range, a new initiative was announced in collaboration with the premium New Mobility company, SIXT New Zealand.

Volkswagen New Zealand and SIXT currently provide Kiwis with vehicle rental and subscription services across four major cities in the country. However, this new initiative is a sign of future intentions. “We teamed up with the guys at SIXT to make something happen” – says Volkswagen Marketing Manager Jake Tobin.

“With the perfect storm of restricted global production and pre-sold stock of Golf R and Tiguan R in high demand, we looked to our friends at SIXT for a clever alternative to traditional vehicle ownership.”

The collaboration has resulted in a bespoke ‘Rent an R’ programme which will be launched from two SIXT locations in Auckland – Grey Lynn and Auckland Airport. The programme will allow Aucklanders (or visitors to Auckland) to rent these freshly launched performance vehicles for up to a week. But even more excitingly, if an R model purchase follows at the end of the rental period, Volkswagen will reimburse the rental fees to the customer*.

CEO of SIXT New Zealand Dane Fisher says “SIXT is all about offering exciting New Mobility solutions to New Zealanders and nothing represents this better than the Volkswagen R range. Volkswagen recognise the growing market for flexible vehicle solutions and once supply improves we look forward to more exciting collaborations”.

“As we concluded the pre-sales phase for these models, the clear feedback from our nationwide dealer network indicated that for Kiwis to experience the best of these R models, they must get behind the wheel for an extended period of time,” continued Tobin.

Aside from providing an exciting, high-performance solution for the casual rental consumer, this offering enables a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity. With a particular emphasis on the limited stock availability should any would-be shopper look to take full ownership of a new Volkswagen R model over the coming months. “Our connection to SIXT New Zealand is so important as it allows us to offer a range of personalised mobility solutions to Kiwis that sit outside of traditional car ownership. Stay tuned for further initiatives,” says Tobin.

The ‘Rent an R’ programme is now up and running

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