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Over 40% of Drivers don’t recognize a window lock symbol

A new study has revealed that 41% of drivers don’t understand the purpose of a window lock button and the lack of knowledge extends to many other common car console symbols.

A new survey conducted by Auto Trader reveals that many drivers are in the dark about what basic symbols mean. In a world where cars are stocked with increasingly sophisticated technology, car console symbols are proving to be tricky to understand. 

The research, conducted by the UK’s biggest automotive marketplace, showed over 1000 drivers several symbols for buttons commonly found in a car’s centre console to determine whether they understood its purpose. Drivers who claimed to fully understand what a symbol represented were then asked to describe it in further detail. 

The survey revealed over 40% of drivers are unable to understand the function of window lock buttons when shown a picture of it. Cruise control, parking assist and AUTO are also among some of the most misunderstood symbols. 

When looking at age differences, the results reveal that, while over half of drivers (52%) don’t understand the purpose of the Parking Assist button, it’s those aged 55 and above that struggle the most: nearly 62% admit they aren’t aware of its function.

1 MEM  77% Saves and recalls preferred settings for seat positions, radio stations, or other customisable features in some car models. 
2 SYNC  73% Synchronises air conditioning settings or a vehicle’s entertainment system with external devices. 
3 Parking Assist  52% Activates parking assistance systems, such as sensors or cameras. 
4 AUTO 43% Controls automatic climate control systems. 
5 Cruise Control 41% Allows the car to maintain a constant speed set by the driver. 
6 Window Lock 41% Prevents passengers from opening or closing individual windows. 
7 Traction Control 38% Helps maintain tyre grip and prevent wheel spin. 
8 Rear Window Demister 32% Activates a grid of heating elements on the rear window for better visibility. 
9 Recirculating Air 32% Controls air circulation mode. 
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  1. I am not surprised at all, there’s a worrying amount of people driving with no headlights in the dark and they wouldn’t know where to find the headlight switch either, I bet!

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