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By comparing the number of Google searches made in the last 12 months for car models being released this year and next, Auto Trader has found that auto fans in New Zealand are super excited for the Nissan X-Trail.

Its newly released study compared the number of Google searches made in the last 12 months for over 50 popular cars which are set to be released in 2022 and 2023.

The Nissan X-Trail takes top spot with over 5,700 monthly searches, followed by the Honda Civic e:HEV (over 2,400 monthly searches), and the BMW X1 takes third place with over 1,300 monthly Google searches.

New Zealand motor fans are super keen for news and updates on new Beemers, with four BMW models placing within the top ten most searched-for new car releases; the X1, Z4 and M2 take third, fourth and fifth spot, whilst the 7 Series takes tenth position.

Volkswagen’s new pick-up truck, the Amarok, has picked up a steady amount of interest over the last 12 months, ahead of its release in New Zealand in early 2023.

The Polestar 3, the first all electric SUV from Swedish outfit Polestar, rounds out the top ten list along with the Toyota Corolla Cross and the new Maserati GranTurismo.

A number of interesting luxury car releases appear lower down the table, including the Aston Martin Valhalla, the Lucid Pure Air and the Electric Delorean DM.

Here’s the list:

1Nissan X-Trail5,780
2Honda Civic e:HEV2,410
3BMW X11,370
4BMW Z41,040
5BMW M2940
6Maserati GranTurismo920
7Polestar 3900
8Volkswagen Amarok660
9Toyota Corolla Cross620
10BMW 7 Series540
11Honda Civic Type R540
12Lucid Air Pure480
13Aston Martin Valhalla410
14Toyota GR Corolla410
15Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid280
16Electric DeLorean DM260
17Mazda MX-30 REx260
18BMW i7240
19Hyundai Ioniq 5 N230
20Kia EV6 GT230

The X-Trail may well be the comprehensive winner but fingers crossed we get behind the wheel of them ALL.

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