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More Superb details about the Skoda and NZ Police partnership

This week, New Zealand Police unveiled their new ŠKODA SUPERB Frontline Police Vehicle, however, despite it being a coo for the brand here in NZ, the car maker’s association with law enforcement is truly global.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, unveiled the new ŠKODA SUPERB Frontline Vehicle, reiterating the rigorous evaluation process undertaken, highlighting the reliability, economy of running costs, spaciousness and performance that has seen ŠKODA repeatedly chosen for police and emergency services throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and now in New Zealand.

At a recent launch (of the new Octavia), Rodney Gillard, General Manager of ŠKODA NZ informed us that in Europe over 23,000 Police cars are Skodas and the UK currently has over 5,000  (they are even trailing Superb EVs there). 

Gillard commented; “This exciting reveal is another milestone in our partnership with the NZ Police. Since the announcement last November that ŠKODA was selected as the preferred Frontline vehicle supplier we have worked closely with the New Zealand Police Fleet team, and are committed to building a long term relationship that ensures we can meet all the NZ Police’s evolving needs.”

He said that not only was there strong factory support for the partnership (ensuring production and on time delivery) but also the local [Skoda/Giltrap Group] commitment was resolute. The parts department increased line holdings from 300 to 11,000 (including specific parts such as door handles, roof linings and seats that Skoda were unaware of the need). The group had increased service outlets too, creating a Superb network covering outlying places such as Greymouth and Kaitaia.

Skoda’s involvement with the NZ Police comes on the back of a 26-year partnership with Holden and Gillard says that they too are working towards a long term commitment. It’s a relationship that is sure to put the Czech/VAG brand at the forefront of Kiwi’s minds, with an anticipated number of around 500 vehicles planned for this year.

Work between ŠKODA NZ, the NZ Police and their supply partners will continue at a fast pace, both in regards to the deployment of the ŠKODA SUPERB fleet, and across other non-vehicle related community projects.

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