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Mevo acquires Loop in a carshare move

Wellington-based car share business, Mevo, has acquired Hamilton’s Loop Car Sharing service from the Ebbett Group and signed a $30m vehicle supply deal to boot.

It’s a quick moving deal with Mevo taking over Loop’s operations on 31 March 2021, although the existing Loop app will continue to work until later in the year.

The deal also strengthens Mevo’s board with the inclusion of Loop and Ebbett Director Richard van den Engel.

Auckland expansion later in 2021

Mevo is looking to expand its New Zealand footprint by launching in Auckland later this year, which will add real value to Kiwi car share users. One app, three cities – and presumably growing even further over time.

Loop has been a popular alternative to pool cars for Hamilton businesses for a while now. Businesses have a fleet of new and fuelled up cars available and none of the wasted costs and time associated with traditional lease or vehicle ownership arrangements. By joining Mevo, this extends this convenience to other cities making it an even more compelling proposition and business fleet alternative.

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