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Infiniti Auckland’s Showroom Grand Opening – New Zealand

Vehicle showrooms should be stunning. They should be destination places where vehicle owners and potential owners alike, gather to be immersed in the brand’s vision and culture. Yes ultimately they are a place to ‘experience/purchase’ what’s new, but I believe they should be more about setting the ambience and the projecting brand flavour – and it seems that Infiniti Motor Vehicles would agree.

We recently attended the opening of their World Class Auckland showroom and came away with a true sense of what Infiniti was all about. Of course, in essence, they are luxury car manufacturer but it’s their target audience that impressed us more – they attract ‘forward-looking, progressive challengers, people not influenced by peers decisions or what their business partners are driving.’ Essentially, people that move to the beat of their own drum, and that’s exactly the sound that greeted us upon arrival, the enthusiastic beats of the Tamashii Taiko Drummers, an aural feast that was ably complemented the tasty treats served up by chef and Infiniti ambassador Nic Watt.

Brand culture and luxury motor vehicles make the new Infiniti showroom well worth the visit.

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