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Kenwood’s new sub goes under the seat in search of bass


The underseat subwoofer market is booming as drivers look at a cost effective and easy way to make a real difference to the quality of their in-car audio without having to make complex changes to their system or interior. These devices can be installed by a professional or a competent DIY enthusiast.

Now Kenwood has unveiled its latest Active Subwoofer, the KSC-PSW7EQ, which brings new levels of performance and adjustability, drastically improving the sound quality of even the humblest car audio system by adding deeper bass tones.

With the KSC-PSW7EQ doing the hard work of producing the low frequencies, the car’s other speakers are freed to reproduce the higher notes without interference. This makes them clearer and more responsive, drastically improving the overall quality of the audio.

Kenwood’s technology means the upgrade is simple to fit too. The KSC-PSW7EQ has a built-in amplifier which can take a feed from the existing speaker wiring without needing to run wires from an amplifier or RCA outputs in the head unit.

The unit uses a separate 12v source to power the subwoofer and is switched on automatically when an input is sensed from speakers or an RCA signal.

The unit’s compact size – just 280 x 70 x 200mm means it can be hidden under the seat of most cars, allowing the driver or passenger to feel as well as hear the benefit of the extra bass. This location also utilises space which is usually wasted in the car’s interior. Alternatively, the KSC-PSW7EQ can be mounted in the boot, adjacent to speaker and power sources for even simpler fitting.

Despite the compact size, the innovative design has allowed the woofer cone to be made 14% bigger than its predecessor, making the bass reproduction even deeper. Kenwood’s special ‘micro-step’ shape built into the long edge of the woofer’s diaphragm suppresses unwanted movement, ensuring accurate bass sound reproduction.

Packed into the compact chassis is a Class D amplifier, which uses switching technology to ensure the unit uses minimum power and creates less heat than other types of amplification. This ensures the subwoofer can run for longer periods, as well as using less energy.

To give a choice of bass responses, the KSC-PSW7EQ features a wired remote control which puts the power in the hands of the driver. In addition to allowing the volume and frequency of the unit to be adjusted manually, the owner can use Kenwood’s ACTIVE EQ TECHNOLOGY to select from three types of bass sound characteristics to match various genres of music.

‘Heavy’ mode provides a deep sound quality with a sense of volume, with bass tones which peak at a lower frequency. The ‘Tight’ setting has richer, more aggressive bass with a higher frequency. ‘Flat’ provides a basic sound quality which still has much improved acoustic characteristics but is more suited for general use and speech.

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