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Gender diverse workforce drives opportunity for success at GMSV.

Three women are front and centre at GMSV when it comes to female representation in the
traditionally male-dominated world of automotive leadership.

“It is common knowledge that the auto industry is skewed heavily towards male
representation, so it’s incredibly heartening we’re making gains in changing this balance,
albeit as part of a relatively small team,” said the Director of GMSV, Joanne Stogiannis.

“This is demonstrated as part of the leadership team, where myself as head of GMSV and
my colleagues Jodie Lennon and Dahlia Shnider work hand in hand on this new and exciting business.

“At GMSV, females account for 45% of all personnel in the team. This diversity is incredibly important as studies have shown that company performance can be enhanced through greater gender balance. Greater inclusiveness can only lead to better outcomes.”

Ms Stogiannis has been part of GM for almost 25-years, working through a variety of ever-
increasingly senior roles including her present position of Director of the recently established
GMSV business.

“Since starting in the automotive industry, I’ve seen a shift from being one of the only women
in the room to a place where we have greater diversity and balance,” said Ms Stogiannis.
“Pleasingly, GM encourages and supports women on our journey through the business and affords the same opportunities to everyone as part of the corporation’s aspiration to be the most inclusive company in the world.”

GM is led by Mary Barra, the first female CEO of a major automotive company, who has held
the position since 2014.

“Mary Barra is an inspiration to women all around the world, not just for those of us
employed at GM,” said Ms Stogiannis.
“She is an example of what can be achieved and is evidence that, when it comes to getting a job done, gender is no barrier to success.”

For 2021, the theme of the International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge.’
“While female representation in automotive is improving, there is still plenty of scope to
challenge the status quo,” said Ms Stogiannis.
“To use an auto analogy and something close to our Corvette hearts – as females in the
auto-industry, we’re only just now moving through first and second gear and are yet to hit top speed.

“There’s plenty more left in the tank when it comes to gender equality, we’re not stopping

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