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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp coming back online

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram appear to be back online after a wordwide major outage of Facebook services overnight. Looks like the world is not coming to an abrupt end today after all.

Facebook is down!

Facebook acknowledged the outage on Twitter in the early hours of the morning.
…but we’re back now folks! Breathe. Get a coffee. Post a picture of said coffee to your friends.

It’ll be DNS, again, I bet

Whilst Facebook is and will be tight-lipped about the glitch behind the outage, it is likely to be a recurrence of a DNS configuration issue that a number of high profile services have experienced in the not-too-distant past rather than any outside influence like cyber attack.

Due to the nature of the Domain Name System, services will become available to different users at slightly different times but don’t worry, your favourite social media and messaging apps are on their way back. Just keep refreshing and you’ll get there in no time at all.

WhatsApp down, use Signal!

There’s always an alternative to the Facebook controlled messaging systems and the best of the bunch right now is the independent Signal Private Messenger from the Signal Foundation. That said, it was just last week that Signal had a brief outage so until someone comes up with a technology that never ever fails, we will just have to embrace the imperfect world we live in and take these rare opportunities we get to briefly lift our gaze up from our little screens and smile at whoever is near us… I know, perish the thought.

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