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ChargeNet invites the public to EV event celebrating the installation of New Zealand’s fastest Electric Vehicle Chargers

In August 2020, ChargeNet installed the fastest electric vehicle chargers in New Zealand. The 300kW hyperchargers were installed at the Bombay Service Centre in Auckland, with the support of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and round 6 of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

The 300 kW hyperchargers allow EV drivers to quickly add hundreds of kilometres of driving range in the short time it takes to stop for lunch and a coffee. With this technology, ChargeNet is removing an extra barrier of uptake and accelerating electric vehicle adoption, ultimately helping Kiwis reduce their carbon emissions.

ChargeNet New Zealand's fastest Electric Vehicle Chargers

To date, the vast majority of the fast charging sites in New Zealand have been 50kW. The 300kW Hyperchargers are six times faster than ChargeNet’s standard 50kW charging stations, enabling the newest generation of EVs to add 300km of charge in only 10 minutes and are capable of charging three vehicles simultaneously.

“The chargers have been live at Bombay for close to three months now and have exceeded the expected charging sessions. It’s been fantastic to see how well the EV community has received the project, so we’re excited to see how they perform over the summer period,” said Steve West, CEO & Founder, ChargeNet. 

ChargeNet New Zealand's fastest Electric Vehicle Chargers

To celebrate the launch of the world-class initiative, ChargeNet is hosting a community event allowing EV drivers to experience hypercharger for themselves and, for those considering buying an EV in the future, the chance to talk with some very well-informed people. Join ChargeNet on Saturday, 28 November from 1pm as they officially open the Dual 300kW hyperchargers at Bombay Service Centre in Auckland.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, 28 November

Time: 1pm

Location: Motorway Service Centre, 2038 Great South Road, Bombay, Auckland 2675

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