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MG NZ offering a sweeter September

MG Motor New Zealand has launched a September campaign which will provide incentives on selected new energy vehicles as well as all petrol-powered models.

“MG is also coming off a great August sales month when we were the best selling electric vehicle brand
in the country, so this is a way to recognise this recent success and help make no-emissions motoring
more attainable for everyone,” said Arek Zywot, MG New Zealand Country Manager.

“We also have some offers in the market for those motorists who aren’t quite ready to make the
change to electric into a new ICE vehicle.”

For the month of September, MG is extending a $2,000 rebate on top of the existing Clean Car discount on ZS EV Excite and HS PHEV Essence.

In the case of the ZS EV Excite, after application of the rebate and addition of the September discount, it
reduces the price of the new model from $49,990 to $40,975.*

MG is also introducing a ‘fee relief’ programme on all ICE models available in the marque’s new model
portfolio, meaning the brand will pay Clean Car penalty fees associated with the purchase of a new internal combustion engine vehicle – up to $2,818 on HS models.

Both incentives are available throughout the month of September and are available at all 18 authorised
MG dealers around the country. All models in the MG range come standard with a transferable seven year unlimited kilometre warranty, seven year roadside assistance and seven year Warrant of Fitness checks.

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