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MG gets active as part of new collaboration with CLIQUE Fitness

MG has announced a new collaboration with CLIQUE Fitness, an emerging brand of fitness apparel
designed exclusively in New Zealand for active women of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

The partnership will see the team from CLIQUE Fitness enjoy the use of a new MG3 and ZS-T and, as
part of the activation, people who scan the QR code on the promotional vehicles will have the
opportunity to win prizes – including use of a new MG as well as CLIQUE Fitness products.

“Many people who purchase the MG3 or ZS-T enjoy an active lifestyle and have identified sports and
exercise as pastimes which spin their wheels, so partnering with CLIQUE Fitness is a great way to align
two exciting and energetic brands,” said Arek Zywot, MG New Zealand Country Manager.

As part of the new partnership, CLIQUE Fitness is providing a special offer to new MG3 and ZS-T

“There are CLIQUE Fitness vouchers to the value of $100 available to the first 50 purchasers of one of
these new models,” said Carena West, co-founder of CLIQUE Fitness.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to partner with MG and the promotion provides a great introduction to
both brands. I know there will be many happy people driving a new MG to their favourite gym or
exercise location wearing new CLIQUE Fitness apparel.”

For more information as well as terms and conditions, visit the CLIQUE x MG promotion page.

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