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The Mercedes-Benz Vito is now available with a new powerful, comfortable and efficient OM 654 four-cylinder engine from the powertrain portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The change takes effect for all vehicles produced in March 2022 onwards, with first vehicles expected to arrive for sale in May 2022.    

Benefits of the OM 654 engine:

  • The OM 654 engine comes standard with the 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission, replacing the current 7-speed, and bringing with it a wider ratio spread which can result in improved drive quality and fuel efficiency.
  • The new OM 654 engine incorporates a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) design, which is closer to the engine block causing it to reach its optimum operating temperature faster to increase efficiency.
  • An all-aluminium construction with low cylinder spacing (90 mm), camshaft drive at the rear, and Lanchester balancer shafts, on the left and right, positioned next to the crankshaft instead of beneath it. This provides an exceptionally compact and light design, and contributes to the engine durability and reliability.
  • Improved noise and vibration characteristics. This means it is pleasantly quiet inside the vehicle and disruptive vibrations are reduced.

The OM 654 engine becomes standard on all Vito 116 and 119 variants with the same power and torque outputs: Vito 116 120kW/380Nm. Vito 119 140kW/440Nm. The entry level Vito 111 continues with the OM 622 engine with 6-speed manual transmission: Vito 111 84kW/270Nm.

With the change in engine the following specifications have also been added as standard to all Vito 116 and 119 variants: DISTRONIC, Tinted windows, Comfort seats and All season rubber floor mats.

PLUS the Mercedes-Benz Valente now called the Vito Tourer

The Mercedes-Benz Valente will also shift to the new OM 654 engine and 9G-TRONIC transmission. With the change in engine the following specifications have also been added as standard:

  • Tinted windows
  • Seat cushion length adjustment
  • 17” alloy wheels
  • Velour floor mats

In conjunction with this engine and specification change, the Valente will be renamed Vito Tourer. This aligns with the global naming convention for this product line and future products to come, such as the eVito Tourer later this year.

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