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First-ever Mazda CX-60 lands downunder

Ahead of its official market launch, Mazda Australia is commencing an intensive local testing program this month for the First-Ever Mazda CX-60. Two pre-production vehicles are undertaking a series of comprehensive on-road assessments that will last for up to six months.

The program will measure key data in a series of high- and low-load scenarios that include powertrain stress-testing, towing capability, quality assurance, in-depth analysis of real-world driving range and other performance-related criteria. More than 30,000 kilometres will be covered during the testing phase and all data collated will be shared with Mazda’s Hiroshima R and D centre in Japan for analysis. 

Australia is considered a key market for contributing to the worldwide vehicle testing regime due to its unique road composition and climatic conditions. It also represents the ideal environment for validation of Mazda’s acclaimed Jinba-Ittai driving experience, a core philosophy in the development of the Mazda CX-60.

Welcoming the arrival of the two development vehicles domestically, Mazda Australia Managing Director, Vinesh Bhindi said: “We are fully invested in ensuring our ground-breaking SUV will also masterfully deliver on the specific needs of our Australian customers.

“Our engineering team will consistently push the cars to their extremes, and these strenuous evaluations are a vital step in our absolute commitment to customer experience and continuous brand improvement.”

Director of Marketing, Alastair Doak added: “These cars are some of the very first to come off the production line, yet despite their early build schedule, the quality of fit and finish is already indicative of the authentically premium offering that the Mazda CX-60 model range represents.

“This rigorous and informative testing program is the ideal opportunity for our market to contribute to the future success of this landmark model from the very beginning.”

We’re obviously awaiting news of its New Zealand arrival.

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