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Mahindra Unveils its Global Pik Up Concept

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., showcased its new Global Pik Up concept at its signature Futurescape event in Cape Town. The concept represents a well-considered approach to entering newer international markets while strengthening its presence in existing ones with a range of world-class products, beginning with the
Global Pik Up.

Based on the Tough & Versatile New Gen Ladder Frame platform, the Global Pik Up promises to be one of the market’s most versatile and capable pickups when it goes into production. The new Global Pik Up, crafted with a focus on Toughness, Versatility, and Capability, adheres to contemporary standards of pickup technology and safety. This vehicle represents Mahindra’s commitment to providing an authentic experience that combines utility and innovation.

Veejay Nakra, President – Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “The new Global Pik Up marks a significant step in Mahindra’s Go-Global Strategy. This robust and Tough vehicle, engineered with
cutting-edge Technology, is not only Versatile and Capable but also meets high standards of Safety. Our move with the Global Pik Up is poised to not only reinforce our presence in existing markets but also pave the way to new frontiers. It stands as an embodiment of what we aim to offer, an invitation to Live Unlimited, Explore Boundlessly, and Embrace Freedom.”

R Velusamy, President – Automotive Technology and Product Development, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.,
said, “This Global Pik Up from Mahindra, based on the Tough & Versatile New Gen Ladder Frame platform is engineered to deliver performance, safety, utility, and robust capability. The core principles of this concept lie in crafting a multifaceted vehicle for the contemporary era. Its blend of versatility and capability is fortified by state-of-the-art technologies such as Level-2 ADAS, immersive infotainment, and more. We are focused on building a true global pickup that reflects authenticity, with engineering and safety features designed to resonate with the global audience.”

Pratap Bose, Chief Design Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “Design is the cornerstone of our
success, shaping our identity and paving the way for our global acceptance. The Global Pik Up’s rugged, dependable, and purposeful appearance appeals universally, reflecting a desire for adventure and exploration. The satin-finish titanium-gold paint highlights the vehicle’s ultra-durable New Gen Ladder Frame platform, embodying the ‘GO FAR’ aspirations that define this Mahindra Pik Up. Its versatility and capability, enriched by cutting-edge technologies, signal a transformative shift in what a lifestyle pickup can be.”

The design of the Global Pik Up by Mahindra is founded on creating a versatile and multipurpose tool
tailored to the modern world. Mahindra’s R&D teams and engineers conducted thorough research to
gain insights from diverse countries, shaping the vehicle’s design to meet customer preferences. The
Global Pik Up has been designed as a versatile, robust, and stylish vehicle, suitable for a wide range of
applications. Whether utilized for professional purposes or recreational activities, the Global Pik Up is
engineered to perform efficiently.

Characterized by its strong design, the Global Pik Up reflects both resilience and elegance. Its exterior
is built to withstand demanding conditions, while its interior offers comfort and ample space. The Global Pik Up combines functionality with aesthetics, delivering a driving experience that is both comfortable and reliable. The interior has been crafted to provide convenience, with luxurious touches and a spacious layout.

For those seeking a dependable pickup truck, the Global Pik Up presents itself as a well-rounded
option. Its design has been thoughtfully created to fulfill diverse needs, without compromising on
quality or appearance.

The Global Pik Up aims to offer unparalleled practicality and features to cater to a wide range of needs.
Whether for daily commuting or adventure trips, the vehicle’s versatility and capability make it a
reliable companion for various purposes. The Global Pik Up has been thoughtfully designed to serve
various lifestyle requirements. With its substantial cargo bed and commendable towing capacity, it
offers a practical solution for diverse tasks. Whether it’s transporting a boat to the lake, moving a horse
trailer, or providing storage space for essential gear, the Global Pik Up stands as a reliable option.
Engineered for functionality, the Global Pik Up emphasizes both utility and convenience, meeting the
needs of a wide range of users.

With safety as a core focus, the Global Pik Up aims to meet global standards, including a 5-Star rating,
using advanced safety technologies. The vehicle’s convenience and driving experience is elevated
through innovative technology features, ensuring that it meets diverse needs without compromising
quality or appearance. Inside, the infotainment system and immersive audio provide an enjoyable and
entertaining journey for passengers. Mahindra’s intelligent 4Xplore four-wheel-drive system further
augments the Pik Up capabilities, making it suitable for diverse environments. By adhering to the
highest global and local safety standards, this pickup promises not only practicality but also peace of
mind for drivers and passengers alike.

This vision is aimed at tapping into the lifestyle pickup market and positioning Mahindra as an authentic
and differentiated brand for personal exploration. The ultimate goal is to make the pickup lifestyle
accessible to a broad spectrum of consumers worldwide, democratizing the experience and
establishing Mahindra as a prominent player in the global automotive landscape. Mahindra’s global
plan revolves around the Global Pik Up and a range of new products. The initial launch in existing
markets, including South Africa, ANZ, Africa MENA & SCA, will mark the first step in strengthening
and expanding Mahindra’s presence. Subsequently, ASEAN markets will witness the Global Pik Up’s
introduction, reflecting a phase-wise strategy.

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